Thursday, March 02, 2017

Takata Corp. pled guilty in a U.S. federal court to felony charges stemming from its faulty airbag inflators

One felony count of wire fraud. That was the result of the Justice Department's investigation into 16 deaths involving cars that used its airbags, Automotive News reports.

Takata confirmed it would pay out $1 billion as part of a settlement, and also that it would be pleading guilty in the case. Additionally, three high-ranking Takata executives have been charged with falsifying test results in an attempt to cover up the company's 100 million defective airbag inflators.

According to the U.S. Senate, every new car sold by Ferrari today uses faulty Takata airbags that will be scheduled to be recalled by the end of 2018


  1. So Volkswagen gets a much higher fine than Takata?
    and VW didnt kill anyone.

    how much did GM get fined for knowing the ignition switch was defective and people were getting killed because they ignored it?

    1. very good points, and good questions... and I'm too tired and under the weather tonight after a stomach bug to look that up. Maybe VW was polluting everyone, deliberately, and Takata just didn't make a product up to the standards of ISO, and they only fail in high humidity areas? But you're onto something, some very high fines and big recalls have been happening recently, and I think it's due to greed