Monday, February 27, 2017

parts breaking? Must be a Harley

The belt alone is $160 - 200. The work is a bit of time, and paying someone to do it is around $600


  1. Oooo, Sa-lam! Ouch.

  2. yeah , only happens to high mileage bike or guys that pop wheelies and do burnouts a lot

    1. not this time. This is my cousin's bike, and I don't consider 6547 miles to be "high mileage" and he's never done wheelies with this, or any big bike.
      Not that I gave out that info in the post, it wasn't something that made sense when giving Harley a raspberry for low quality over priced parts.

      Don't think I'm against Harleys though, I give everyone grief, especially Chevies, Fords, new anything really. No quality in my opinion based on the recalls I've seen.... and I don't even have to look it up to tell you I posted about Harley having a recall on something they should have engineered better, tested better, and never had a problem with.

      Any company still building the same type of vehicle should be effing perfect at it by now. Seriously, how can they not build parts to last 20 thousand miles on a commuter? Racing parts? I won't give anyone shit about broken racing parts unless it's just stupid clear that it was a manufacturing fail, and not the expected beating from the driver.

    2. Whoops, I was thinking of something else with the mileage, that part isn't accurate... you know, I post a shit ton of stuff, that number was stunk in my head for some reason that wasn't this bike. Honest mistake.