Monday, November 07, 2016

Max has perfected a COE delivery truck that becomes his display booth, and shade, at car shows


  1. NAPA just sent all us jobbers a pack of Grundy prints .

  2. Do you have any other information on this? My wife and I are looking into doing something similar for our business and this would be perfect!

    1. Sure, just email Max Grundy. But I expect he'll tell you to get a truck, COE or regular, or any delivery truck, box van, etc. Then decide what you want from it, what it will look like when you are done, and how the displays will relate to the packed up and driven aspect. Plan accordingly, and do an amazing amount of metal work to achieve the desired results. Max Grundy Design is his email, but you could also meet him in person at SEMA, and several other So Cal car shows. Head to his website and see what his schedule looks like.