Friday, October 21, 2016

the R code 4 door Holman Moody '63 Galaxie

It's believed to be the only four door Galaxy built for racing.

It was ordered in 62 by Len Lukey and delivered pre-paid to Australia

Only that upon arrival all the light weight panels, bumper and brakes had to be replaced with stock items as the rules at the time was for 'Production Sedans' and these items were not available to the public at the showroom in Australia. It is R code and came with the 427 low riser

After a period of being driven as a road registered car, and after much effort Gary Smith tracked the car down and purchased it from the outer north eastern suburbs of Melbourne. After moving to Perth, the car was sold to Wayne Holland, who sent it to Marc Ducquet in NSW for sorting and an engine rebuild. This was at approximately the same time Marc was preparing his fastback. The fourdoor then returned to Gary in Perth and was raced in (historic) Appendix J class for several years.

David Bowden owns this car. Soon after purchasing the car from Wayne, the car was given a full mechanical restoration, and is now on display in the fabulous racing car collection David has on display in Australia.

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