Friday, April 24, 2015

South Carolina DMV loses a case in court, and just maybe, learns that it's only job is to issue the license to those that pass the tests, not to harass people on what they look like in the damn photo on the drivers license

Chase Culpepper has now won a federal lawsuit against the the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles after she was forced to remove her makeup when trying to take a photo for her first driver's license in March of last year.

DMV employees refused to provide her with her driver's license until she removed the makeup she was wearing.

A settlement was made Monday, according to court documents which said the South Carolina DMV agreed to change its photo policy, implement training on the treatment of transgender and gender nonconforming individuals, allow Culpepper to return to the DMV and get her license photograph taken wearing makeup and apologize to Culpepper for how she was treated.

"I am thrilled with the outcome of my lawsuit,” Culpepper said. “My clothing and makeup reflect who I am. From day one, all I wanted was to get a driver’s license that looks like me. Now I will be able to do that."

DMV officials asked Culpepper to remove her makeup after passing her driving test last year because of a policy banning license photos when "someone is purposefully altering his or her appearance," according to court documents.

(allright... here is my grudge. Time and other factors alter what we look like, from growing hair, to losing hair, to getting a haircut, styled, or colored. Getting glasses, switching to contacts, or getting laser eye surgery. Wearing makeup, or how much and what kinds of makeup are the same as any natural variations in the facial appearance. SO WHO THE HELL IS ANYONE IN THE DMV TO PESTER ANY ONE ABOUT THEIR LOOKS? And nothing I've ever learned of has given me any thought that you have to look like your drivers license photo to drive legally. Can't you drive with a helmet on? Of COURSE! Can't you drive with a wig or toupee? YES. Hollywood monster makeup for Halloween? YES. DMV sucks! )

First posted about this last year

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