Monday, July 28, 2014

intriguing drive system on this worn out 56 yr old still operating locomotive engine


  1. It's a Shay logging engine. There are still a few running around. Very slow, because of the low gearing, but able to haul huge loads. All the wheels were geared rather than using drivers with con rods.

    1. Thanks Jeff! I'm just happy to find a photo of a variant on the traditional power system for a steam train. I dig variety and innovation

  2. I see Jeff F. beat me to it. One of the steam tractor shows I attend has their very own Shay on the show grounds, and is used to ride spectators around. It's an awesome design.

  3. Here's another variant.
    Check out the Heisler steam loco, competition for the Shay. I'd like to say that it was designed by Guzzi, but that would be wrong....
    A steam engine with a driveshaft right down the middle...and an exposed counterbalanced crankshaft..They sound good, too!