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The Panini Museum of Maserati, tractors, and bicycles

Mr. Panini stepped in when the Maserati company put up their historic collection, before it was to be auctioned off and scattered around the world, and away from Italy. Info at

Nestled in the countryside, on a dairy farm just outside Modena, Italy, is one of the greatest collections of classic and historically noteworthy Maseratis in the world. 

The collection was started by the brothers Maserati and expanded under the ownership of both Omar Orsi and Alejandro de Tomaso. However, when Fiat took grasp of the Trident in 1993, Alejandro de Tomaso retained the collection. 

 When news broke out that the entire collection was due to be put under the hammer there was an outcry by ex-racing drivers, Registro Maserati, Club Maserati, Council of Modena, the local and national press, and even the Italian Minister of Culture.

 A hero was needed to keep the pride of Maserati in Modena. Enter Umberto Panini – one of the Panini brothers who ran the publishing company – stepped in, bought the collection and housed them in a purpose built museum on his dairy farm and there was much rejoicing across the land. Available for viewing by appointment only, the collection contains many of the most stunningly beautiful – and rare – Maseratis ever produced. Probably the most impressive line-up of classic racing Maseratis collected.

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The Panini Museum of Vintage Cars and Motorcycles offers one of the most complete displays of Maserati cars in the world, including the A6GCS Berlinetta Pininfarina, only four models of which were made, and that, with its “boat-like” build, won three Mille Miglia races.

If you can ever travel to Italy, and Modena specifically as it was the historic home to Bugatti, Ferrari, Maserati, Pagani, and DeTomaso, I recommend you consider seeing the Stanguellini Historic Automobile Museum, where one can look back over the automobile creations of this family of historic car-builders and admire their most beautiful vehicles together with vintage motors, accessories, photographs, magazines and marketing materials.

In Bologna the Lamborghini Museum, many of the historic autos are on display, from the 60s to today, from the 350 GT to the Countach, from the Miura to the Espada and the Diablo

Among the most important car collections in Italy, that of Mario Righini must be included; it is located inside the Panzano Castle in Castelfranco Emilia. This medieval castle, houses a large part of Italian automobile and motorcycle collection as well.

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For a quick look at the Enzo Ferrari Museum:

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