Thursday, May 15, 2014

the Boss Cat truck and trailer have endured since 1971 and have recently been found and are getting restored

before and after

 above as found seperately

and below as it looked in 1971

All photos from

Tom Ische is an Arctic Cat collector and has went above and beyond to locate and restore these... how cool is that!

just for the trivia, Arctic Cat snowmobile model names:
  Alleycat Bearcat Cheetah Cougar Eltigre Firecat Jag Jaguar King Kat King Cat Kitten Kitty Cat Lynx Manx Mountaincat Pantera Panther Prowler Puma Sabercat Thundercat Tomcat Trailcat Turftiger Wildcat
Found on the Boss Cat Facebook page:


  1. 125 mph in a snowmobile - amazing! Were they raced or used just to set speed records?

    1. I'm not certain, but would put money on them just being exhibition speeders to get publicity for the manufacturers bragging rights