Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I just learned that there is a biannual international competition for windshield repair and replacement technicians in the Belron company

This year it was held in Rome, May 21st and 22nd

The Belron group is the owner of the Autoglass company in Italy

Since its creation in 2000, the Best of Belron® competition has enabled Belron® to instil a one-way approach to fitting and repairing glass, known as ‘the Belron Way of Fitting’. This means customers can expect the same exceptional levels of service world wide, thanks to the constantly evolving processes, tools and materials we have developed over a hundred years.

Overall, we want to inspire and motivate every one of our technicians to achieve the same levels of excellence as our winning technician, and ultimately further benefit the millions of customers we serve each year.

competitors have to win a competition in their country first, then go onto the world finals. 29 techs compete in the finals, and the winner earns the title best tech in the company

They even have a webpage celebrating the winners from the competition

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