Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bernie Moreno, who started his working life as a gopher at Automobile Magazine, is an example of how to succeed in the car business

Here are the particular impressive things Bernie Moreno did, and they are what the best overachievers do, and make it to the top, written by Jean Jennings, president and editor-in-chief of Automobile Magazine

"He immediately made himself invaluable. No matter what we asked Bernie to do, he had already assigned it to himself and finished it. He moved the cars from our sixth-floor parking area to the first floor after the No Parking Before 10 a.m. curfew. How nice that the editors could jump into spotless, gassed cars!

How did the radio presets just happen to be on my favorite channels? Bernie somehow figured out what every single editor liked and would reprogram every test car’s radio every single day based on that evening’s driver.

Once, before I left on vacation to Mexico, I found a sheet of paper on my desk, with my favorite swear words translated into Spanish for my use.

At age twenty-six, he took on the running of a Saturn store in Boston despite no dealership experience. It took him one year to make it the most profitable store in its owner’s portfolio. In 2005 he bought a failing Mercedes-Benz dealership in Cleveland. He started with about twenty employees, twelve of whom had left Boston to work for him. Of course, he turned it around and began systematically buying more dealerships.

Today, Bernie has about 800 employees (including the original dozen) and more than twenty-five stores. “One of the Best Places to Work,” says the Cleveland Plain Dealer. His many awards include Midwest Region Entrepreneur of the Year, Time Magazine/Ally Financial Dealer of the Year, and Northeast Ohio Hispanic Entrepreneur of the Year. Honored by Mercedes-Benz (Best of the Best seven years in a row), Porsche, General Motors, and the city of Cleveland, which named him Business Executive of the Year.

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