Sunday, March 02, 2014

if a 1930's newsreel before the movie starts were to cover Goodwood, it would be a lot like this


  1. This is just brilliant Jesse, sadly it doesn't down load properly. At about 2:32 into the video it the picture freezes and at 2:47 everything just stops. :( Even when I go to you tube it does the same thing, so something is wrong with it.

    1. I think they did that because it fit their notion of what a 1930's newsreel would do... I am only guessing

    2. Ha ha, very funny. Still I love the 30's style commentary and the hokey-ness of it. sure wish I could see the whole thing. the score from "Gran Prix" is great. You know, wish I could put something together like that for the vintage race at Watkins Glen.