Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New York switches parking signs then sends parking enforcement (who works for the Dept of Finance.. just so you know who this benefits) to ticket the cars that had been legally parked

found on thanks to Steve!
Cars parked along one side of the street shown in the video are parked legally when the video begins. But this stretch of road will soon be home to one of NYC’s new bike-share program, meaning there can be no parking in front of the large bike rack to be installed. And so, as you can see on the video, a city employee comes in and installs a new No Standing Anytime sign. And within 25 minutes of that sign going up, a parking enforcement officer is swooping in to issue tickets — $115 each — to cars that had been legally parked before the sign was changed. When contacted by CBS 2, a rep for the Department of Transportation simply said that “any motorist who believes they received a ticket in error can contest it through the Department of Finance, which adjudicates violations.”

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  1. Doesn't that crap piss you off. I think this happened to me several years ago but could not provide proof. I had someone take care of the ticket. This was a great video and the other was the one painting a handicap marker and towing the car that you had posted.