Monday, July 22, 2013

a Beatnik Bandit at Comic Con, on the Hall H stage with the rest of Metallica, doing a promo for their new 3D movie, "Through The Never"

“Metallica Through the Never” will open only on large-format Imax screens when it begins its commercial run on Sept. 27, before moving to hundreds of additional theaters a week later.

So why did I post about a Metallica movie? Hell, James Hetfield is a Beatnik Bandit! And the movie looks cool too!


  1. Jess, Mike, just another piro-techtic apocalyptic movie to dumb down the youth even more. Really, WTF?!? Is there no more movies that have a real story out there? I just watched a video of a woman on anther web site who traveled the world on an expedition with a man and his crew in model A Fords. The story was of Aloha Wanderwell. Now that would make a great movie.

    1. Wanderwell... where have i heard of that... oh! yeah! I posted all about it!

  2. And there you go. Now I asks you, wouldn't this make one hell of a movie? Aloha's grandson is hoping to get someone to do this. I wish him the best of luck in his search. Great post guys.