Sunday, June 23, 2013

2013 LA Roadster show

interesting good looking hood stripes, placing them in line with the headers was a great choice

above, called the Ugly Duckling

something about the grill to radiator surround looked odd and cool to me

interesting reflection similar to a flamejob from the side louvers

Best looking '38 I've seen

Above, and why? No idea. To each their own I suppose

not often you see a Greenbriar (Corvair van)

and the show wasn't strickly Ford and Chevy, above a Desoto, below a Plymouth

cool tailights

just liking the license plate

with the side cowls, but not the top.. looks good, probably better aerodynamics and not very hampering to cooling

this beaut was at Viva Las Vegas as well, here are a couple more shots:

two tone cars were good looking, it's a shame that chrome side molding and multi colored cars is so rare now from the factories

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