Sunday, June 23, 2013

1960's Station Wagons... making a splash? Yes. Here are some beauties from the LA Roadster show

a grill similar to the Rambler Ambassador I think, but I was also impressed that the rolled down windows leave a fully open area like a 2 door coupe

I don't recall ever seeing a hood like that above... I love the taillights and rear bumper

beautiful paint and chrome

great color


  1. Anyone that dig's wagon's is a friend of mine! I have shots of a couple you missed! Did you see the Rambler gasser for sale? Or the 63 Fairlane?

    1. You were at the LA Roadster show too? Cool! Email me a link to the coverage so I can share it with readers...
      I'd like to meet up with some time at some show and say hey to a fellow web site car snthusiast