Wednesday, April 17, 2013

San Diego County Sherriff's Dept grows the "Take your police vehicle home program" gee, thanks for wasting tax payer dollars to cover your commuting gas bill

about one in six drive home the govt vehicle.

About 90 of the one in six, if I read that correctly, don't even live in the San Diego county.

the article is at

Why would they? They get to drive a govt vehicle home, they get the gas for free, and expense the entire commute. for a video recap of the article

Must be nice to be driving a cop car, not even a chance of getting a ticket, and not have to think about how much driving costs you... because it doesn't. And your private vehicle? Less miles, less use, less insurance costs to you.

Nice "benefit" perk


  1. The 'company car' thing even extends to lawyers?!?!?!? Incredible...

  2. Actually this is done in a lot of jurisdictions around the country and is usually a more efficient use of police assets, allowing officers to deploy into remote areas faster without having to go to a central location before going on duty.