Thursday, April 18, 2013

great vintage road and race cars, in one magazine Vintage Roadcar / Vintage Racecar (they just merged into one magazine)

the two stand out feature articles in this issue were the incredibly rare and original fall factory "works"race Bugatti Type 39, only 5 were made, #4604 was shipped to Australia in 1926. The new owner wanted to try for land speed records

I don't think I've seen a Moto Meter without the circle filled in

And the 2nd article was a multi page interview with Parnelli Jones, mostly about the Indy 500


  1. Actually the failure in Jones' turbine was a small, app. 6" long, drive shaft for the fuel pump. BTW, I built the fuel controls for those cars at Bendix in South Bend.

  2. The 1967 turbine ate thru gearboxes all thru the month of May. Granatelli felt the entire design was too petite.
    Joe, Andy's brother, cobbled 7 different output gears in the month of practice and qualifying. He finally got a mesh that would last. Once he "found" the cut he preferred, he had one heat treated and it lasted.
    The next item to fail was the actual output bearing.

    In 1968, both Joe Leonard and Art Pollard suffered fuel shaft drive failures within 45 seconds of each other (although Pollard was 2 laps behind).

    1. Andrew, you have the inside thorough knowledge, wow! Thanks for sharing the info! Are you related to the incredibly accomplished Danny Ongais? I have posted a couple of times about Danny and hold him in high regard. If you are related, have you seen the dragstrip fashion shoot from the 1967 Vogue issue at Irwindale? It's the second post at that link. Either way, I appreciate your info on the turbine!