Saturday, March 09, 2013

Fire Memories Museum in Banning

1919 Seagrave that was kept in the back of the firehouse it served, it stayed there a really long time, and the firefighters there decided to restore it when they weren't on call! They still own it and it's here at the museum on loan!

huge collection of portable classic extinguishers, patches, tools, and axes!

this one is for the kids to play on, it has water connected, and the turret is moveable so kids can aim it at the target "house on fire" (good side effect is that this waters the lawn!)

1952 Willys Jeep

there is a scrap yard that handles firetrucks (not many find good second homes, they are large, expensive, and few people can handle storing or restoring them) and they call the museum to let them know about som truck, which wasn't the only cool thing they had to show, this front bumper was there, and makes a great bar!


  1. That old Dennis is s UK fire engine. It's a long way from home!

    1. yes it is, good story too. It was on a cross country fundraiser and was left in some California City where a promoter was supposed to get it and send it to some other country. 6 months later, it's still taking up storage, and the museum hears about it and takes it odd their hands