Sunday, February 10, 2013

the Martin Auto Museum of Phoenix Arizona

1930 Dual Cowl LaSalle Phaeton

1963 Bel Air optioned to drag race, 409, 4 spd, dual carbs,

1948 American Flyer Whizzer

1992 Lister Corvette

  I think this is a 67

the infamous '78 collectors edition 25th anniversary Vette. This one has a 4 speed and 12 miles since new. So, it's still worth the 14 thou it cost new. Not much more. Some cars aren't vehicles, they are art. Some cars aren't driven, they are investments. Some cars are just wasted. Why build them? Why buy them? Why hold and store them? 35 years old and it's never been driven farther than from the dealership to it's first storage room. Should have invested in gold, it's went from 250 an ounce to 1600, 600 percent return. This car? If you could break even, you'll be lucky, as everyone that ever wanted to store one did. So most all of them are low miles, or never driven... hence, a no mile example isn't rare, and frequently for sale.

I think this was a 1917 model T

1928 Chevrolet AB model. The last Chevy 4 cylinder until 1962

1915 Ford Depot Hack that brought tourists to the hotels from the Yosemite train depot

1968 1/2 lightweight SCCA racer Mustang with lightweight body (acid dipped maybe, no details given) and a 428 engine with a 4 speed

1917 Douglas dumptruck, the museum owners first vehicle at age 16, used to haul Onyx ore at Mayer Arizona

1937 LaSalle, 2 door, 322 cu in engine

the 1951 Mercedes 4 door phaeton used in Hogan's Heroes... one of 2 made this way

1954 Oldsmobile 98 Starfire front / Cadillac rear half. Used in the movie indicated in the poster below... sounds like a fun movie, but Netflix doesn't have it

1930 Studebaker model 70 Commander

is the winged tire a hint at Louis Chevrolet's Indy 500 racing?

great helmet lamp

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