Sunday, February 10, 2013

CSX 4205, Hasn't been driven. So it's not a car, it's either a work of art, an investment, or something people have to keep dusting til it re-sells

So here you have a car with only 6 miles on it, test miles, as it came from the Shelby company with those miles, and left the 1st owner without any more, so that is how much it has been driven since made. It hasn't. Probably hasn't had fluids in it since being pushed into storage.

I think that this is another error in the writing on the Martin call sheets (they don't spell Brembo brakes correctly for example) where the above says this was built in 1965. It was built as the new run of cars, not in 1965, but closer to the date on the lower sheet of 2002. They cost 140 thou new, and probably aren't going for a lot more now that Carroll has passed on. He didn't build them, he promoted and signed them... for anyone this annoys, tell me how many 80 year old heart transplant mulitmillionaires are wrenching on cars when they employ people to do that.

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