Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Counts Kustoms had a Falcon with very little good metal, but still pulled off a magic trick by coming up with this very cool and innovative pool table


  1. Anonymous5:36 AM

    I know the original hunk of junk was a Ranchero but not sure if it was a Falcon Ranchero. Kount had a bet that he would make a profit on the resto but car literally fell apart. Made a pool table with it and won the $500. bet. sold it to the guys on the Vegas Pawn stars show.

  2. The car was a Falcon Ranchero. This was about having no respect for the car.
    I have one of these that I am trying to put back together a nickel and dime at a
    time. They really pissed me off so I contacted them. The answer was "the floor boards
    were like swiss cheese", duh. It is a from the early sixties. And anyone familiar with
    the internet could find new floorboards in a few minutes. I saw the show. The car
    was not a "hunk of junk", it was in pretty good shape for an early 60's Ranchero.
    Was the last time I watched the show, they are not car guys. Just TV actors now.

  3. And if they would have done a little research, like 5 minutes worth they would
    have found out that the Falcon was the platform for the Mustang that Lee Ioccoca created.
    REAL car guys like Ak Miller, Holman and Moody, Bill Stroppe made rally cars out of them for Ford
    and they raced in International rallys. Holman Moody, Offenhauser, and Edelbrock
    competed making speed equipment for the 6 cylinders. I am pretty sure none of
    them considered making one into a pool table to win $500 in a stupid TV bet.
    So I will stick with my earlier statement, these guys totally dissed a cool car.
    It is all about TV, set up "chance meetings with cool cars on the street", bogus.

  4. Wow john your way to BUTT HURT over THEIR car, THEIR build... builders that have a business to flip have budgets. And I'm sure the floor boards weren't the only thing wrong with it... sorry but I'm not going to build something to take a loss just cause some people love the car/truck.. do your own thing and build your own car and stop worrying about what others do with THEIR own cars/trucks. ...

  5. Hey, John Smith! If the car didn't need any metal work done, ford falcons are not worth a lot even in top condition. First off everyone knows about the falcon and the mustang and Lee Ioccoca. It wasn't worth looking for parts to put $20,000 worth of work and materials into a car worth possibly $16,000 if you find a goof like you maybe $20,000. there is only a hand full of guys who even want a falcon. Cute cars but on nobodies gotta have list. the auction would have put the car in the back lot and eventually been junked,
    so Danny did the car a service. He does more to preserve old cars than you will ever fantasize about bringing back to life. By the way, I hear they are looking for a new Bozo the Clown. I think you would be perfect for the job.