Friday, November 16, 2012

Carroll Shelby in bib overalls, waiting for his race car to get fueled up, in the 1958 Cuban Gran Prix

photo from thanks to Kurtis Grant!

For photos from the 1957 Cuban Gran Prix, see

and the above is from the 1957 CGP, and is also Carroll Shelby


  1. Great photo of Carroll Shelby - I've never seen any other images of a driver wearing bib overalls.

    1. I doubt any ever have. I still haven't read just why he did. I think there must have been a reason more than they double as pants

    2. Maybe the heat was a problem, and he wanted to wear a short-sleeve shirt - normal racing overalls would cover his arms and be uncomfortable.

    3. that is an astute observation... it was Cuba, so, yeah, I bet that's it. Too damn hot!

  2. Jesse,

    I remember seeing a picture of a driver who competed in an early 1950's NASCAR race not wearing a shirt because it was too hot.