Thursday, November 15, 2012

Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, not only changed to a recognizable hat from the African ashente, but has a new video "I Gotsta Get Paid" with 4 hot rods... one is a So Cal Speedshop hot rod that I found at SEMA

from the gallery I just posted a couple days ago:

the above is the "Whiskey Runner" that Billy had the So Cal Speedshop make

 images from the So Cal Speedshop via

This video got me wondering about what is new in the BFG car collection, and I came across an online magazine I've never heard of where you can read a long interview with videos where they talk hot rods with the force behind the cars you already know, (Eliminator coupe, Cadzilla) and some you haven't learned of yet

here is a look at the other incredible coverage that Power Block magazine has had

This post wouldn't have happened without George's point out that the car I posted a couple days ago was in the music video... thanks to George of


  1. Very much appreciate it J, thank you !

  2. I just recently "discovered" the I Gotsta Get Paid video, and I find myself looking it up when I need a quick escape from my work.

    What I saw at the 1:30-ish mark, and now in these photos, is that Whiskey Runner almost looks like a ghost of Eliminator.

    1. you are right, very cool, I didn't think of that