Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cars Land at Disney California Adventure park

here is the history of, and you can find it in the Buena Vista newspaper that they have at the themepark. It's worth a look, pick one up and you'll have something to read if you get stuck in a line

I want to let you know that the above photo demonstrates the difference between waiting in line on the right hand side, and the fast pass empty walkway. So, if you want to get to the ride without the long lines, you want to get a fast pass. What they cost, I don't know. I was enjoying the Cars Land eyecandy, not the rides... just my preference.

like so many things throughout Disney, these are just wonderful. What a great imagination they have, and they put it to use to make things everywhere for you to enjoy


  1. Cool stuff! Looks like it was really done by car lovers, not just people who attempt to make it look like car people did it.

  2. This is just awesome, Jesse. How big is "Ornament Valley" and how did they build it??

    You gotta admit...when Disney does something, they do it up right.

  3. Fast pass options are free with your paid admission. There are stations where you put in your ticket and recieve a time card when to return and get on the ride with minimumal wait. Can only use one an hour though.

  4. Great pics, Jesse! I agree that they put a lot of effort into the details to make it look right. Very faithful to the town in the Cars movie. Even the "Oil Pan" sign looks like it was painted over an old service station sign on the brick wall.