Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Bob Baker customer appreciation day annual car show for 2012

 I noticed there are 2 clocks. On the far right and in the center of the dash
 That's the interior light.. this car was made before electric lights in the ceiling were standard equipment
 Great ashtray

 interesting trailer

 interesting paint scheme

 optional or aftermarket gas tank. Not very common, but very cool
 very cool clock and radio

 no idea why this is on a bug... but I don't see these very often

 Not very good gas mileage for a brand new car. Interesting take on the original looks of the beetle
for a couple galleries of last years show these aren't all the coverage, but if you want to see all of last years, you'll be the first to ask for that, no one else has. So until I get a request I'm not going to track them all down and tag them

For another gallery from another blogger, check out !

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  1. Surprised we didn't cross paths - I took some pix there too: