Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Ever wanted a factory technical drawing of the blown up parts, with part numbers, for your Mopar? MyMopar.com has them for free!

 these are just a couple sample images to give you the idea of what you can find. Entire parts lists by number without the parts images are there too, lots of info to decode fender tags, VIN, the thread count of type of screws and bolts used, just about everything to learn about your Mopar. The right name for parts is also interesting.

MyMopar is pleased to offer FREE Mopar part number catalogs. These are the complete vehicle part catalogs with part numbers and application. If you have a parts catalog in digital format you would like for MyMopar to upload and share, please contact us.
1948 to 1956 Dodge Power Wagon Parts Catalog (31Mb .zip) 1955 to 1958 Mopar Parts Catalog (188Mb .zip) 
1959 Mopar Parts Catalog (95Mb .zip)
1960 Mopar Parts Catalog (94Mb .zip)
1961 Mopar Parts Catalog (24Mb .zip)
1962 Mopar Parts Catalog (40Mb .zip)
1963 Mopar Parts Catalog (44Mb .zip)
1964 Mopar Parts Catalog (59Mb .zip) 
1965 Mopar Parts Catalog (53Mb .zip) 
1966 Mopar Parts Catalog (97Mb .zip) 
1967 Mopar Parts Catalog (136Mb .zip) 
1968 Mopar Parts Catalog (85Mb .zip) 
1969 Mopar Parts Catalog (63Mb .zip)1970 & 1971 Mopar Parts Catalog (98Mb .zip)1972 Mopar Parts Catalog (135Mb .zip) 
1973 Mopar Parts Catalog (106Mb .zip) 
2008 Mopar LC Body (Challenger/300) Parts Catalog (4.3Mb .zip)

http://www.mymopar.com/index.php?pid=107 is the website to see the above and click the link to download a PDF of the one or the bunch you want.

Years ago a Dodge dealership would sell you one for 5 bucks, in the 1990's, it was Koller Dodge.http://justacarguy.blogspot.com/2008/03/around-1996-koller-dodge-was-mopar.html It seems though, that this dealership was not on the correct political side of the kill zone when the dealerships were slated for death during the 2010 or 2011 great bankruptcy of the Chrysler GM upheaval. Because they were whatever, and the people that got to put them on the chopping block were the other, 95% of the dealerships were whatever political party that wasn't in power. I have a terrible memory for details, like the name of the great Mopar guy with the black Demon that I just saw again at Mopars at the Strip. He filled me in, I forgot a lot. But I remembered the important stuff, like how to get the PDF of the entire original factory parts books! Compliments to Mopar people! We're the best! 

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