Thursday, March 29, 2012

A train crash in the movie "Hugo" replicates the famous Oct 1895 Granville-Paris Express wreck photo... pretty cool to include that in a movie

here is the original
The engine careened across almost 98 ft of the station concourse, crashed through a 2 foot thick wall, shot across a terrace and sailed out of the station, plummeting onto the Place de Rennes 33 ft below, where it stood on its nose. All on board the train survived, five sustaining injuries: two passengers (out of 131), the fireman and two conductors; however, one woman on the street below was killed by falling masonry. The accident was caused by a faulty Westinghouse brake and the engine drivers who were trying to make up for lost time. A conductor incurred a 25 franc penalty and the engine driver a 50 franc penalty.

I've posted that old photo before, because it's just amazing to me. Trains falling out of buildings... not very often that happens


  1. I just watched this movie and I noticed this wreck. I was like 'hey, I've seen this before...'.

    1. Can I ask you ? What is the movie name ? Cause I seen the trailer but I didn't know the movie name ~

    2. you are asking for the name of a movie... but what one? The movie the top 3 images are screen shots from, that was Hugo. A recent movie by Scorcese. I have it in the post title. Or are you asking about another movie you've seen that may have had a similar scene in it?