Wednesday, March 28, 2012

most unusual utility spotlight I've come across, looks like vintage German VW bug equipment, my compliments to the owner for finding such a rare thing

 I should have gotten a better photo of the top of it. Anyone seen one before? I never have


  1. Yes, my dad used to have one in his Simca 1000 in the sixties/early seventies here in the Netherlands.

  2. It's a Helphos suction Spotlamp... much used in rallying circles in the 1960s by the navigator for illuminating signposts etc. It originally was powered from a 12v auxiliary socket mounted on the dash... but a standard cigarette lighter plug is as good a bet as any, these days. It is rare... mostly, they fell off when the suction gave out, and broke when they hit the floor!. Be careful using it though... check on the local regulations for height of spotlamps... or your Helphos could become a blue light magnet!

    1. thank you! how in the world did you learn about it? No one has given me this info in the 12 months I've had this gallery posted