Saturday, February 04, 2012

Ever heard of a Hebmuller VW? I just learned of it. VW ordered a coachbuilder to make 2000 of them. Good looking!

At the request of Volkswagen Managing Director Heinz Nordhoff,  Hebmüller and Karmann would build cabriolets for Volkswagen, with as many Type 1 parts, such as chassis, engine, and body panels, as possible. Hebmüller was to build the 2+2 cabriolet, and Karmann the four-seat cabriolet. By contrast with the Karmann, the Heb was intended as a sporting model.

this 1951 example has had it's history tracked, and it's story is kinda interesting... it was once traded for a International Harvester dump truck! Full story at

Of the 700 built before a factory fire, about only 100 still exist

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  1. Very interesting story, lol! Why did he tried it for a dump truck? Was it that slow. : )