Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Christie is blogging about her 74 VW bug, and making it a good reliable driver again (some past owner put in house carpet, and painted it purple)

 Before and after photos to let you knwo what she had to deal with, but read about it, its another amusing story of what idiots do to cars before us car lovers give them a good home

Christie, who has a really cool profile photo, is in university, and dealing with making a blog, fixing a car, and getting good grades... that is a lot to put together at once! My compliments!

 if you're reading, you ought to put your email somewhere in your profile or your blog so people car respond to your requests for advice and help.

Post a good series of photos from all the way around Arty so we can get a good look at how nice he's turned out too! 

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  1. Thanks for the feature :) and thanks for the advice too! I shall get my email on the blog asap (can't believe i never thought of that haha)
    Thanks again :D