Thursday, December 01, 2011

Veloster, made by Hyundai... the drivers side looks good, the back looks good... so half the car looks fine... why didn't they do a good front design? Why not just a 2 door? Are any parents going to buy this anyway? Why a backseat door?

 See what I mean... nothing wrong here, drivers side and back look fine.

 And then you see that someone caved into the concept that Hyundai couldn't sell a 2 seater, 2 door. What? Why not? Just a commuter, with great gas mileage, great interior (a gallery sometime in the near future) for single people, college kids, high schoolers, and people who want a nice car to get to work with while getting better han 35 miles per gallon. Too much to ask? No one is competing in that small necessity market.

 See the small black areas on the bottom sides? Useless. They have lights if you waste the money. Above them and below the headlights? Aerodynamic parachutes. Stupid. Should have been smooth

Drivers side shows that a 2 door would have been a good idea, a good looking idea.

I bought it because of the 35 mpg (I have gotten 35mpg, you might get better if you drive softer) the great seats, best factory stereo sound in a 19thou price range car, 17 inch rims (most cars around 19 thou have steel rims with plastic covers (SUCK!)) with Nexen 215-45's, center console with huge storage, cupholders where the driver can reach them comfortably, and most importantly... a 6 speed standard. No automatic.  

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