Friday, December 02, 2011

Scamming sleezebag alert, counterfeit art being sold at car shows... help out my friends in the hot rod art scene, don't buy from anyone but the real artists.. not Joe Werner. He's selling copies from low-res bad quality images

 Joe Werner, sleeze bag at the Essen Motor Show this weekend in Germany. Deny him your support, keep your cash from someone stabbing a hot rodder in the back.

Want good art? From good artists? Hell yes you do, you want pinstriping from a pinstiper, not a roll on pizza cutter. You want lettering and race car numbers from a artist, a letterer, a sign painter. Not a decal you print at home.

Why? Pride. Proud that you are a hot rodder, an amatuer race car driver, a drag racer... a guy who is living his life with a real passion for the best you can achieve, the best speed, the best lap, the best car, the best parts.

Just like BOMONSTER, who wants just his best work getting into your garage, your bumper, your tool box... not a cheap imitation.

If I was going to ESSEN this weekend, I'd bring a bottle of tempura paint, and spalsh it all over his display. Then hold up a sign, that reads "FAKES SOLD HERE"... cause I'm that kind of guy. I got your back.

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