Tuesday, December 27, 2011

1923 Avoin Voisin factory research race car, the C6 Laboratoire, simply a most amazing innovative and obscure try at a racecar from airplane engineers

 Quite odd looking, maybe the strangest I can recall ever seeing

 Why it has a prop on the nose, I'd only guess that it's for airspeed. Boardtrackfan commented that he thinks its for a water pump

 and I was astonished to see it has the actual "Windscreen" that I've only heard of but never seen before

Click on the above gauges and get a good look at the full size... those are pretty unusual

 and a square-ish steering wheel... boardtrackfan reminded me that this isn't so uncommon, it's so the driver has a better view when driving straight, and more legroom
  here is the big indication of the aeroplane style engineering they brought to their race car... cable brakes. But not connected to the brake pedal, this is independant front and back brakes for a racing advantage

I just found this vntage photo of this car on Bubble Visor Blogspot

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  1. I read somewhere that the propeller drives a water pump. The squrcle steering wheel gives more leg room on the bottom and better forward vision across the top. Thanks for all the great photos.