Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hyundai has 2 problems. The first is no supply of cars to their dealerships.

The second is that I am going to buy a White Veloster, and they don't have one in California to sell me. Call me conceited, but I've got a couple thousand readers a day, a blog that gets good peer reviews, and a bad attitude about wanting something I can afford but am not going to get when I want it.

So the second problem is that they are disappointing the guy who blogs about cars, every day. I doubt I'll have anything pleasant to say about Hyundai any time soon, while they frustrate me with their lack of manufacturing and distribution abilities

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  1. Now Jesse cool down. If you check the forums you will see there are lots of people waiting on a Veloster to their specs. Many have been waiting weeks and will be waiting weeks more. I got mine first because the dealer just happened a blue base 6sp exactl what I wanted, I live in Alabama, and my family has a way of lucking into hot cars (early delivery Lebaron convert in 87, 89 Chrsler TC at sticker in 88, paying sticker for a Viper in 94 when they were still selling for 100k, PT Crusier off the first truck to the dealer with no preorder and the 3rd Mini cooper S in Washington DC).

    Be nice to Hyundai (not nessesarly the dealers) and order one you won't be disappointed, other than the 1-2 shift performance drop and the lack of instructions on the Bluelink/touchscreen interface.