Thursday, September 22, 2011

Super Stock Dodge, of the B/FX truck variety... 413 dual quad with a fibergalss front end built by Dragmaster, that ran 12.69 1/4 mile

Effing awesome. Similar truck bad assness was the 426 Max Wedge Dodge trucks

One of the neatest and least well known B/FX racers in drag racing history belonged to a California DJ named Dick Boynton. His drag strip weapon of choice was a 1963 Dodge Sweptline truck that went by a couple of names. In the video below you will see it lettered up as the Dragmaster Ram Truck. It was also known as, “The Flying Barn Door”. Sporting a Max Wedge engine, lots of chassis work, reportedly a tailgate either made of or full of lead, and a steep rear gear, this truck ran deep into the 12s and actually won class at the Winternationals in 1963 (at that point running bottom 13s.) The win was interesting as Boynton actually was the class runner up falling short in the final but the winner failed tech inspection as the was running too much compression in the engine of his car, giving Boynton the win by DQ.

 The truck had an automatic transmission and obviously wore slicks out back. Every now and again you’ll see still photos of it or an anecdote here or there but we have never seen actual video of this truck in action, let along Boynton and his wife working on the thing!

This video is a Dodge promotional film and the first 2:50 is about the Little Red Wagon, but Boynton and “The Barn Door” are front and center from 2:50 on!

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