Friday, September 23, 2011

Speedfest starts tomorrow at North Island Naval Air Station, more racecars, more airplane and helicopter displays, and the "Military Pit Crew Challenge"

 A big variety of factory race cars, NASCAR racecars, entreprenuerial racers, and drifters too
 Race cars that haven't been here before were found in the Pits
 and MINI's! About 8 Mini's are going tobe racing in the under 2 liter class (last year there may have been one)
 Wander all over the pits, you will stumble across all kinds of cool things (I found the STIG)
 New aircraft displays!

 the Military Pit Crew Challenge has teams from the Navy and the Marine Corps racing the each other to turn in the fastest time to change the tires and fuel a car... it's for bragging rights, and might become a coast to coast challenge.. totally safe, using water into tanks with pcv dump tubes instead of gas... then reusing the water for the next team. (safe, clean, reuseable)
So head over to Coronado Island if you are in San Diego, bothe Saturday and Sunday, and have a great time. Test drive Corvettes or Camaros, see the great big car show behind the grand stands, watch the races, check out the repairs and maintenance in the pits, and spot celebs.... Jay Leno's Big Dog Garage has at least one car racing, I've seen Carroll Shelby here in the past, Adam Corolla races every year... never know what you'll find at the race track

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