Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Magazine review: Old Cars Weekly (Great content and variety, but nothing in color)

Wow, lots of cool content;

Vintage ad of the week

Wreck of the week

Impressive coverage of the big auctions

Concours De Elegance coverage
Feature car coverage

Bad news though? No color photos, just color ads, it's half classifieds, and the annual cost (but keep in mind this is for 5 times as many issues as monthly magazines) is double to triple what I pay for most of the dozen subscriptions ($32 for 52 issues vs $15 for 12 issues)... that aren't half classifieds, are all color, and have many more feature car stories.... black and white entertainment became archaic over half a century ago. Might as well daily commute on a horse as read a black and white magazine.

Good news? What they have is really damn good, and they have a hell of a lot of good stuff on the internet too. Several blogs from their subscribers? or staff... news, events, and readers cars plus lots more

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