Thursday, September 29, 2011

Best looking trash and recycle cans I've seen

In 2009, the El Cajon Boulevard Business Improvement Association (BIA) started a pilot recycling program with 10 bins. Following that, the Association saw this as an opportunity to bring more art to the Boulevard and worked with graphic design students at SDSU to develop the concept. The designs created by the students were to enhance the look of these standardized bins, and at the same time, help identify the recycling bins from the trash bins located next to them.

The bins are reclaimed standard city trash bins with a custom fabricated top on the recycling bins. In the coming months, the Association is expanding the number of recycling bins to 20.

The students developed several great options. The El Cajon Boulevard BIA Board was so impressed by the designs that they decided to select three of the student's designs rather than the single design that was initially planned.

Congratulations to Kristin Hardy, Sonya Calderon, Cat Hunt for providing your creative design work which greatly enhances the Boulevard's garbage and recycling bins.

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