Sunday, August 07, 2011

Bob's restored 1937 Diamond T pickup truck model 80d, before and after photos show

This is only the 2nd Diamond T truck I've come across, the other wasa 1949 this spring at the T-Mec rod run:


  1. Do you still own this truck?

    1. Yes I do, and every other vehicle on this site. I own them all and have been waiting for you to ask, because I need them to find a new home. The insurance bill is killing me. If you'll come get them, they're yours. PS, try reading the damn post title for a change. It's pretty clear that this is Bob's. OMFG... what causes one person a day to ask me to sell something on here that I don't own?

  2. Please tell me about the engine? Is it the original and did they do it as an inline 6 or 8?