Sunday, July 03, 2011

More cool vehicles from

Which got your attention first, the 6 wheels, the carpet roof, or the three bench seats? What a world's fair looking extravagence. Beautiful vehicle.

1) Built by the York Carriage Company for A. J. Broomell of The Broomell, Schmidt and Stacey Company in York, Pennsylvania.

2) It was named after the popular railcars built by the Pullman Palace Car Company founded by George Pullman, but the automobile and the railcar company are NOT related.

3) The York Carriage Company formed the York Automobile Company, which became the York Motor Car Company, which started building conventional 4-wheeled cars - also named Pullman - in 1905 and carried on until 1917, building between 12,000 and 23,000 cars

4) The Pullman Palace Car Company formed the Pullman Automobile Company in Chicago to build auto bodies

It reminds me of the 1905 Bordeux Cali limo
1934 Mercedes DR rail car

1912 Italian 305mm cannon... what in the world pulled, pushed or powered this beast?

Cool looking but simple railway crane

the Pickwick Coach, sleeps 26

Great 1920's or early 1930's 5th wheel tow and trailer

Notice in the above, the front wheel has a direction vane so the driver way at the back of the cab can tell where it will steer
For any more info there may be on these images

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