Sunday, July 03, 2011

1921 road trip to California from Nebraska, photos that Elmer took, and Motorlife blog posted

Elmer and his pre-1921 model T. Consider the hard life Elmer had lived to reach an age old enough to get gray hair and appear this old. No refrigeration, no toilet paper, no indoor plumbing most likely, probably no electricity, no soft tennis shoes, no air conditioning, no airplanes, telephones, modern mattresses, no radio or tv, and traveling meant top speeds on rough ungraded unpaved roads at about 20 to 30mph. The Ford engine had no oil filter and had to have the oil changed every 400 miles.
Elmer was a smart guy, he packed some melons to eat along the way to stay fed and hydrated
Roadside camp in Gallup New Mexico
Peach Springs on the Santa Fe trail
these are just a few of the photos from Elmer's trip found on

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