Sunday, June 19, 2011

Timing tags, hood ornaments, toys and other stuff that got my attention at the LA roadster show

This is a 1940's or 1950's baby seat, just like the one Norm's kid was in when Life magazine did a gallery on Norm working on the Kookie car

The above was purchased in Yosemite in the 1940's
Farmers Insurance tag


the above is the car owners invention so sitting on the tires doesn't get road grime on the clothes, and transferred into the car upholstery
The above and below are in the same car... the home made cupholder is clever and disposable
Band aid and dipstick, THAT is roughing it


  1. Is the picture of the early carseat subject to copyright?

    1. yes, everything once it is published is then under copyright to it's publisher. Once you publish it, you own the rights to it. What causes you to ask?