Saturday, May 28, 2011

US Navy blimps/airships/dirigibles, one is the USS Macon

why blimps? Cause these were incredibly big, unusual, and strangely to me they weren't incorporated into the Air Force. What the sailors found relevant, and the fly boys didn't is a matter that is a mystery to me .

Oh yes, and because they have one wheel

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  1. To be annoyingly correct, neither picture is of a blimp, these are rigid airships or dirigibles. Both pictured look to be either the USS Macon or it's sister ship the USS Akron. And, prior to WW II the Army (there was no Air Force) did indeed operate airships (mostly blimps). The USS Akron, Macon, and Los Angeles were simply more famous due to their size, and in the first two cases, their demise...