Sunday, May 22, 2011

Click and Clack car talk staff

Above from the Google books screen shots

Car Talk's Recently Hired Staff
British Hospitality Advisor Tina Crumpet
Customer Service Specialist Begonia Payne-Diaz
Sculling Coach Rose Dior

The below have been edited for humor, there are tons more after the link
Car Talk's Official Staff Credits
Accounts Payable Administrator Imelda Czechs
Accounts Payable Clerk, Moscow Office Dasha Chekhov
Accounts Receivable Supervisor from the Mumbai Office Vishnu Payup
Adopted Son from Sweden Bjorn A. Payne Diaz
Airline Seat Tester Wilma Butfit
Air-Quality Monitor Carmine Dioxide
Air Traffic Controller Ulanda U. Lucky
Airline Reservation Manager Will Price Randomly
Alignment Inspector Lou Segusi
Appeals Specialist Bud Uronner
Arbitration Expert Viola Fuss
Art Critic Phyllis Steen
Art Critic II Dot Snice
Asphalt Contractor Luciano Pavearoadi
Assertiveness Training Coach Lois Steem
Assistant Customer Care Representative Kurt Reply
Assistant Disciplinarian Joaquin D'Planque
Asst. Fleet Manager Lisa Carr
Assistant to the PR Specialist Lotta B. Essen
Audience Response Analyst Luke Warm
Auto-Body Expert James Bondo
Automotive Finishes Consultant Rusty Steele
Automotive Medical Researcher Dr. Denton Fender
Auto Seat Tester Fitz Matush
Bad Joke Interpreter Nadia Geddit
Bail Bond Provider Freida Gogh
Bail-Bondswoman Frieda Wander
Bolt Tightener Tilda Plierslip
Book Critic Odessa Paige Turner
Brake Adjuster Schlomo Quigley
Breathalyzer Administrator Eureka Garlic
British Doorman Isaiah Olchap
Broadway Reviewer Ike and Stan Musicals
Bunji Jumping Instructor Hugo First
Broadcast Philosopher Phillip Airtime
Cabinet Maker L. Ron Cupboard
Caffeine Addiction Counselor Bruno Moore
Car Talk Bouncer Euripedes Ibreakayourface
Car Talk Ice Rink Manager Sam Boney
Car Talk Opera Critic Barbara Seville
Chairman, Federal Lubrication Board Alan Greasepan
Chairman, Underemployment Study Group Art Majors
Chief Accountant Candace B. Rittenoff
Chief Cook and Bottle Washer Chef Boyar Ubusy
Chief Information Officer Otto Delupe
Chief Justice Harry Mental, aka Judge Mental
Chief Legal Counsel Hugh Louis Dewey of Dewey, Cheetham & Howe
Chief Negotiator Bernadette Bridge
Chief of Tire Technology Yessir Itsaflat
Child Care Provider A. Hugh Nokitov
Child Transportation Specialist Minnie Van Driver
Class Valedictorian Sidney Furst Rowe
Cleanliness Inspector Adolph Deflor for about 200 hunderd more

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