Saturday, February 26, 2011

interesting and unusual stuff from the Qualcomm big 3 swap meet (ratio of thrift store stuff to good car parts, 5000 to one)

Why did anyone save these condom dispensers? But they would be the crowning touches if someone were trying to recreate a sleazy exit ramp gas station bathroom

I've never seen a flare can before, it's make a cool piece in a rat rod, bolted to the inside of a door, or a stereo case maybe

Stanley steamer engine... unbelieveable

Huge Gilmore neon light took up the entire back of a cargo van

200 bucks for the entire Devilbiss collection

These are some ancient plates

Station wagon, not little red wagon

Never seem a 3 wheeled wagon before

it's a Tote Gote, I dig the ammo can instead of a headlight

Just a junkyard full of hub caps
Model T trailer, great tail lights

Made by Acme... love it.

Damn, just makes me think a belly tanker is possible, unreal that there are any of these that haven't been made into streamliners

Love old radios

this is one of 2, both were asking 700 bucks

Sherman tank Mk 6 periscope
150 for the trio, wow.

Above and below would be great items on a rat rod, this gas can would be a cool fuel tank

350 for the Packard dash

Last years best of the swapmeet:


  1. Okay I have an odd question about the three wheel wagon that you have pictured here. I have a similar wagon and am trying to find any information about it. You didn't happen to talk to the owner about it did you and if you did what did they tell you?

    1. I didn't, sorry. These photos are from nearly 20 months ago... sadly if I had talked to them, I wouldn't, or don't remember it. I just take the photos and show the readers that stop by the neat and cool interesting stuf I come across. That is a Flying Tiger and that is all I can tell you about it. I don't think I've ever seen another. Hell, I don't remember seeing this one! Memory loss.. not so bad. I get to buy myself christmas and birthday presents and am surprised at the great stuff I open up on the right day! The person you might try, is that Sherlock of all cool stuff - Steve of