Friday, February 25, 2011

for a look at the humorous odd stuff found around Texas, look over at "Caught at the Curb"

Where do maniacs learn such hideous custom techniques?
This immediately reminded me of this nut with a 90's Mustang is the new blog, just got started this month and if you've got something that needs to be shared for the mutual amusement:

Found via a comment section on Hooniverse

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  1. Many thanks for the plug, Jesse. That blog, in fact, was just started up about a week ago. It's a work-in-progress right now, so expect changes. I just wish I had known that I was going to start this thing up and I would have taken more pictures!

    Comments and suggestions are welcome from everyone! I hope all of you enjoy it half as much as I've enjoyed "Just a Car Guy".

    KOTW (Jeff)