Wednesday, December 01, 2010

1957 Deluxe VW 23 window bus pulled from a lake in Norway after 36 years submerged... Is it this hard for people to find a VW Deluxe bus?

And here is a photo from before it went into the water in 1973 because the transmission broke, it was the fastest easiest way to get rid of the bus.
Thanks to Gary for the link to the story! for more photos of how bad it looked when it came out of the water and the full story with details

For the other resurrected VW mini bus stories:


  1. My daily driver is a classic VW Bus ... ive never taken it swimming though ...

  2. It's this hard for people to find just about ANY early bus. The Kempes barndoor panel was buried decades ago but was recently dug out and sort of resurrected.

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