Sunday, October 31, 2010

Can anyone help Laurie with information about this barnfind 1933 Tempo Wagen type T-10?

Hello and thank-you for taking the time to read this. I am sending this out to anyone I think might be able to help me with some knowledge of this vehicle. I am asking for any information at all.

There is nothing on the internet at all that I can find. I would like information about it's history, rarity, value, and any help on who might be interested in this vehicle, though, technically it's a motorcycle, or if not that, then perhaps a lead as to who else I could try to contact.

It's owner, Bob, lives down the road and I've always admired all the neat junk he's had out over the 20 or so years I've lived here. I met him last week and just that quick he has decided that he wants me to help him get rid of it.

You see, his wife of 54 years has very recently passed away. They were both avid collectors, but now he just wants to move south to be with family.

The vehicle is a 1933 Tempo-Wagen I can tell you it works, everything is there, there's even the windsheild in perfect shape. The steering wheel is just raw exposed 4" peices of wood wired together. And if you can't tell, it's a two seater. The cushion for the first seat is completely deteriorated. The other one is in decent shape and says Bruninghaus.

I asked my husband if it was a basket case and he laughed and said ,"heck no, this is an easy fix!!!!." The paint seems to be original.

So I'm thanking you for taking the time to read this. I hope I haven't overextended myself and anxiously await a reply from you. Please do get back to me so I am assured that you even received this and so I'll know if I have to keep looking for more people to try to contact.!/album.php?aid=4690&id=100001776133463 here's pics and paperwork

Thank You, and have a nice day,Laurie Everett to help her out

For more photos, they aren't better, just different,
for a bit about Tempo and tells us the models and what years they were made


  1. Anonymous12:47 PM

    Not sure if this helps, but there is a german company that made Tempo and Tempo boy machines...they were somewhere between a truck and a is a link

  2. Hi. Where is the transporter located? I assume it's in the US? It will be a very rare vehicle outside of Germany. I assume it was a private import as these were not officially exported outside Europe. Even in Germany they are rare and usually confined to museums. I know a fellow in Germany who has one running. He collects pre-war Tempos.
    The T10 was the first really reliable Tempo transporter. It was designed by Otto Daus and usually powered by a JLO two-stroke engine in either 200cc or 400cc capacity. The photos of the paperwork show a Hurth engine, which might suggest it was an early model?
    Technical documentation for these early models will be hard to find - impossible in English. You'd be best to join the Tempo-Dienst club in Germany for assistance. Paul