Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Munster's Coach was a birthday present for Herman from Lilly, according to episode 4 of season 1, custom built from a hearse and a hot rod

Here's the place Lilly stopped to look for a car for Herman

The Fleetwood Cadillac Lilly's invisible chauffer drove her in

I'd love to know if this T Bucket is known becaue of who built it, or just happened to be available for this scene

From page 70 and 71 of the March 1965 issue of Hot Rod, a bit of information:

Built by Erv Campbell of Santa Ana, CA from a cut down 1922 Ford touring body and a shortened Model A pickup bed on a 1930 Model A frame. At that time it was Erv's sixth rod and reportedly took over 5,000 hours to complete -- the hardest part, according to the owner, was fabricating the headers for the 1957 347 cu. in. Pontiac motor.
Thanks to Cord for emailing me, and Jimmy for putting the info on the HAMB
Very unusual hearse, Lilly liked both the hot rod and the hearse and decided to have a customizer make them into one car for Herman, taking the best features of each


  1. This is great! I've never actually seen this episode.

  2. More IDs here:

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