Friday, August 13, 2010

I was just talking to Darrel and he told me a true story that is shocking.

When he was 15 his dad took him down to a used car lot and told him to pick out a car. Not knowing cars very well at the time, he looked around and was quickly impressed by the fastback Mustang, running pony interior. He looked around after the Mustang, and spotted the tail stripe of a Super Bee. He asked what it was (we all did once) and then looked toward the front of the car, a long way from the back compared to the stang. He told me he noticed the flat black hood with the huge scoop.

Yeah. An A12 1969 1/2 440 six pack Super Bee.

He chose the Mustang, because to a 15 yr old kid who doesn't know cars and the rarity, value, and investment potential... the Mustang was easier to drive and park.

True story, and yes, he's really kicking himself now that he knows what he passed up on as a kid.

Both cars were only $850.00

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